Have an dental emergency that requires attention? Please contact Dental Smiles of Willow Glen at
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Any dental situation that causes extreme pain, presents itself as an infection, poses an immediate threat to the life of the tooth, or raises the risk for imminent bacterial infiltration can be considered a dental emergency. The staff at Dental Smiles of Willow Glen is happy to address these dental emergencies for patients in the Santa Clara County area.

Lost teeth

– If your tooth has been knocked out, don’t assume that it is dead. If you react quickly enough and get immediate care from our emergency dentist, it may be possible to save the tooth. Place the tooth in a glass of milk to keep it alive and report for emergency re-implantation immediately.

Damaged teeth

– Chipped, cracked or broken teeth pose more than a cosmetic inconvenience; they also provide an opening for bacteria to enter, and this can lead to serious infections and abscesses. Damaged teeth can also cause considerable pain and make eating impossible or unadvisable, so the sooner you get these teeth crowned or capped, the better. Even a lost filling can open the door to infection, so don’t assume that this problem is a minor one to be put off.

Infections and abscesses

– Once bacteria have made their way below the gum line or through the tooth enamel, they can take up residence in the pulp chamber, root or jawbone, causing painful abscesses. This bacteria is particularly dangerous because is some cases it could migrate into the bloodstream and attack the heart or other organs. An emergency root canal or other oral surgery can remove the threat of complications as well as your discomfort.


– The infections mentioned above can certainly cause the throbbing pain of a toothache, but so can other conditions. A hard piece of food lodged between two teeth, pressure from an impacted wisdom tooth, or even a simple cavity can cause serious discomfort requiring emergency treatment.

How We Can Help

With his 40 years of experience, patients having a dental emergency can have the confidence that Dr. Lim has the skills to handle your dental problems. Additionally, he can replace lost fillings, place a temporary crown on a broken or chipped tooth, and in many cases we can even implant a lost tooth as long as the root tissue is still viable. If your dental problem is distressing but not strictly an emergency, contact the Dental Smiles of Willow Glen staff on what steps to take at home until you can visit Dr. Lim.